August 31, 2012

r&s // august 2012

she was still off from work
he was starting his last month of flight school
they spent the whole month together in Daleville
she took him to some antique malls
he found a table they both loved
she couldn't stop playing an antique quarter game
they started talking about life after August
he started flying nights
she prepped for a huge commitment in September
they started going to Church of the Highlands
August was good for us

August 30, 2012

Get Ready, To Get Lovely

Mary Rose Bobby Pins - $7
Camellia Flower Posts - $9
Pinecone Earrings - $15
Camellia Flower Necklace - $25
Garden Rose Cuff - $20
How is that for a shop update? Lovely I think. I've been stocking up new products for my big show in October, but it wouldn't be fair if I didn't share them early with my amazing online customers. Let me know what you think? Which new item is your favorite?

August 25, 2012


Sorry I've been absent from the blog lately. So many things going on in my life and it's hard to keep up with everything. I've been getting ready for my big show in October, 4 day event. I've been planning my space and ordering flooring. I got an amazing deal on these, so excited. I really struggled with investing in these, but renting gross carpet that didn't match my booth was going to be $50. So if I just do three shows the tiles have paid for themselves. Also, they are probably going to save my feet, the reviews are all very positive.

Still left to do. Find backdrops, tablecloths (thinking of making muslin ones), buy clipboards to create this, get bed risers for my tables, and create signage for my prices. Yes, so much to get done in the last two weeks before I return to work. I might go a little crazy over here.

Oh and you all should think about signing up for the new Indie & Chic newsletter. Each month I'll be sending out a coupons and updates, BUT ALSO picking a winner from subscribers. So each month you have a chance to win a $10 gift certificate to the shop, how awesome is that?

August 21, 2012


Nights have been a theme in my life recently. I work best at night. I think more at night. I get my best ideas at night. There is just something magical about nights.

This next week I'll be on a totally different schedule. The boy, Rob, is now flying nights and so in order to actually spend time with him I'm adopting his schedule for the week. It's only taken me a month and half to harness my inner night owl to deal with his 5am departures and now we get a glimpse of my perfect day. Sleep in late, be kinda productive till dinner, then BAM 8pm and it's time to move mountains. It's midnight as I type this and it brings me back to my college days, the early hours were the only time I had for my blog and business. So this week its back to the basics. The night shift.

August 17, 2012

Shop Update // Chrysanthemum Rings

Finally chose and finished the colors for the Fall /Winter season. Very rich and warm. Of course I'll keep some colors when I change up for next Spring/Summer, but I love the ways these work together.

You can take a look at the new rings here. They would be amazing bridesmaids gifts, graduation presents, game day gear and birthday. As always Indie & Chic rings are nickel free and adjust to fit most fingers, size 6 and up.

August 14, 2012

Recycled Earring Display

I've been searching for a better way to show my earrings off at shows. I came across these old thread holders in our basement and knew they were perfect. I used a heavy cardstock to back the open space in the back, I just used washi tape to hold the paper to the frame. Then I used some of my flowers to cover up the logos. I'm in love how it turned out. I'm also thinking of offering this to wholesale buyers as a way to display my items in their store. What do ya think? Do you think this looks like a store display?

August 13, 2012

Style Trend // Grey

1. Alexa Chung -- Her casual yet preppy look here is amazing. 
2. Anthropologie Filmflam Tank -- I'm crazy over the brights on the neutral grey.
3. Essie Chinchilly -- obsessed with grey nails right now, they match everything.
4. Spoonflower Fabric (Bubbles) -- standard pillowcases and/or throw pillow.
5. Indie & Chic Four Petal Earrings -- the charcoal color is a great bold touch.
6. Indie & Chic Cabbage Rose Ring -- versatile color and design, such a soft sweet grey. 
7. Tomboy Style's Favorite Kicks -- love this collection of everyday sneakers. 

August 10, 2012

Poodle & Chic.

The last month I've been around this poodle 24/7. Her name is Molly and she is 3/4 poodle and 1/4 lab. She is the exact opposite of my dog Parker, and yet they compliment each other so well. They are also in love with each other, it's kinda nauseating.

The other day I had the idea to put a necklace charm on her dog collar, and I'm absolutely in love with it. It fits her so well, she is such a little diva. Not sure I'll ever put these up in the shop, I want to see how it holds up to the wear and tear. For now I just think she looks so chic.

August 9, 2012

Booth Design Finds

Tuesday afternoon I drove about 20 miles away to a large antique mall. About two hours later here was what I left with, I really picked through and shopped around the different booths. I ended up only purchasing from two different sellers, one was having a 70% off sale and the other was just priced right. 
The dish I ended up getting at 70% off and fits well with my other milk glass pieces, think I paid less than $8. The wooden slate box was $12 and it folds up too. I'm going to use this to display either my necklaces or earrings.
That train case was $10. Couldn't pass it up although I don't think it will serve much more than a visual in my booth. The two crates are in bad shape, I need to reinforce them to insure they hold up through the show. I got one for $13 and the other was $24. I spent a little more on these because I can use them in my apartment afterwards.
The wooden mail divider I actually got at a thrift store for $3. I'm not sure how I'm going to use it yet or if it will make its way into my booth design. Any ideas??
And that was my haul. Spent about $75 which was more than I was hoping but I'm done with the large pieces I need. Now I'll be shopping around my mom's house and our basement for the remainder of the materials. What do you think? These fit the Indie & Chic look? Any other ideas?

August 8, 2012

Vintage Organization.

Vintage Organization. Like music to my ears. I'm a very visual person and I'm an extremely organized person. So when I can find organizational pieces that have their own personality, I'm pretty smitten. I've really loved old metal pieces for a long time and I'm making that my centerpiece for my booth design in October. Here is what I've been drooling over on Etsy.

here & here
here & here

Tomorrow I'll share what I've found so far for my booth design :)

August 7, 2012

Shop Update // Double Flower Necklaces

The double flower necklaces are finally up in the shop. I'm in love with these necklaces. You can take off either of the two charms to make it a single flower necklace or purchase additional charms to create a totally new necklace. I've been wearing the magenta w/gray one and I love it. The weight of these necklaces is perfect, not too heavy, but not so light that it hangs oddly. The necklaces are a 24" antique bronze and are hypoallergenic. I am only selling one or two of each color this season and then will release a new collection in the fall. Hope you enjoy and even if you don't plan to purchase one, please let me know what you think! 

**all necklace orders this week will receive a free ring or hair bobby**

August 6, 2012

Farmer's Market Shows & What's Next.

Since June 28th, I've set up a table six times to share my line with the community. One large scale event and five farmer's markets. This past Saturday was the last farmer's market of the season and I've learned so much.

 The markets have made me realize that this dream of mine is doable. I feel like for the first time I'm on the right track with my business. Balancing the books doesn't make me want to cry anymore and I've found a way to not just rely on internet sales. New plans and goals have been made and larger investments are ahead.

I'll never forget the last 6 weeks, feels like much longer, but it flew by. I did my first show in Baton Rouge, LA. A co-worker pushed me to get a table and just go for it. I felt like I was jumping off a cliff. The experience of having people buy my line in person was like no other, I wanted to do more. So I took off two months of work and hit the markets. That first market in my home town I had butterflies in my stomach. Seeing people I've known my whole life ask me about my business just didn't come easily, I was embarrassed. About three markets in I really gained confidence, I wasn't embarrassed to be selling my handmade jewelry, I was proud. I started to think about how hard I've worked to get to this place and then my insecurities just kinda faded.

I have one more large show in August, it's two days long at a state park. My goal? To sell out and not pass out from heat exhaustion. Aim high right?

What's next? More shows. I've applied to a pretty large show in October. It's very expensive to get in, but it's 4 days long and I've been told most small jewelry booths sell out in two days. So I'm over here planning, planning, planning and crossing my fingers I get accepted.

August 2, 2012

Indie & Chic // Fashion Feature

Early in the summer I sent out some of my jewelry and hair accessories to a few of my favorite fashion bloggers. Katie of Skunkboy recently adorned some of the mini mum earrings, they look so cute on her. I cannot explain to you how surreal it is to have fashion bloggers wearing my jewelry. Starting this month out right :)

**All photos from Katie of Skunkboy**

August 1, 2012

hello august.

the last month off from work. my last full month of being 23. and the last full month of summer.
on the agenda...

  • finish Night Circus
  • release my new necklace line
  • be very prepared for my big show August 18th -19th
  • update my blog design, either myself or with help
  • watch the Olympics as much as possible
  • use my camera more

A Race a Month // July


Yep, injured. No race. Actually, no running in general. Earlier this month I started having knee pains in my left knee and it got so bad I couldn't even walk. A few x-rays later and I found out I had runner's knee in both and an inflamed IT band on my left.

I was told to rest, ice and do physical therapy exercises. All of which are extremely boring and disheartening. A month with no running hasn't been easy. I've been in weird moods, my skin started breaking out and I'm crabby. But I know this is what I needed to do, to heal, to listen to my body and the doctor.

But on the last day in July I just had to try. Try to run just 1 mile. No, it wasn't a sanctioned race. I didn't pay an entry fee or get a bib number. It was just me and a treadmill in Gold's gym. My goal was to make it a mile. Something that a few months ago was just a warm up and now it felt like the impossible.

I started running and it was all I could do not to smile. No pain for the moment. It was like there was no one else in the gym but me. I was determined to get to the end. The pain didn't creep in until I was almost finished. I ran an 8 minute mile, straight, no walking. Thank you IT band!

I honestly have no idea how Olympic athletes deal with injuries. I've felt like I've had to start over with my running, and I'm now 4 weeks behind on my marathon training. Complaining and making excuses won't get me anywhere. So one day and one mile at a time I'm hoping to get back to where I once was and then push further.