April 20, 2011

dorm rooms : 4 years of memories

For the last 4 years (minus summers) I've lived in a dorm room. Three of those years I had a single and could decorate and rearrange until my heart was content. I've had so much fun trying to make my room "me" and also functional, as well as failing to keep it dust free (seriously, it's impossible). I was thinking about how my dorm rooms have changed over the last four years and how parts of them stayed the same. I thought I'd share with you guys a little walk through my dorm days and it's decor. Enjoy!

Freshmen Year (2007-2008)
Sophomore Year (2008-2009)
Junior Year (2009-2010)
Senior Year (2010-2011)
And that has been my college life in a dorm room. Tied up all nice in about 20 photos. Feels like it went by so quickly.