March 12, 2016

Getting Ready // SeaWheeze Half Marathon 2016

I finally booked my plane ticket to SeaWheeze 2016. For those that aren't familiar, it's a half marathon put on by lululemon in Vancouver, Canada. I've run the race twice before and I signed up for this year's five days after having our son Samuel. Crazy, I know.

The thing about SeaWheeze is that everyone wants to go. They sell out in literally minutes. Rob really wanted me to have something to look forward to and a reason to get back into training. So he will be staying behind and keeping the kiddos! I can't even remember the last time I traveled alone, I cannot wait.
The first time we ran the SeaWheeze, August 2013,  we were newly weds (January 2013) and I was 4.5 months pregnant. We had a blast, but running a half marathon pregnant isn't really as fun as one might think ;) The second time I ran SeaWheeze, August 2014, Rob was deployed and Max was 8 months old. It was my first half since having a kiddo and it was so empowering.

So this coming SeaWheeze, our second kiddo Sam will be 11 months old and I'm hoping to race my fastest half marathon, time to beat is 1:54:32. I love the city, this will be the longest I've spent in Vancouver, so I'm hoping to venture out of my comfort zone and try some new things. 

you've got to start somewhere

welcome to my little corner of the internet. I've been blogging since I was in college, but my voice has changed along with my life. Here you will find me talking about my little family, motherhood, recipes, running, military life, lululemon, and getting back into shape after baby #2.

I'm Samantha, a 27 year old wife to Rob and momma to Maxwell & Samuel. I am an avid runner which began in HS on our cross country team. My long term goals are to qualify for Boston Marathon and compete in a triathlon. I previously worked for lululemon until the arriveal of our second son! I have never enjoyed a job so much. I graduated from Northland College with a degree in Biology and minor in Business, I still hope to use my Biology degree again one day, maybe once my kiddos are in school all day.  

We were married in January of 2013 in Pisa, Italy and then several months later were expecting our first little one, Maxwell, who came a little early just in time for Christmas. My husband Rob returned from a 10 month deployment and I am so glad to have him home again. We are had our second kiddo Samuel in September. Life with boys is chaos and so much fun!