August 6, 2012

Farmer's Market Shows & What's Next.

Since June 28th, I've set up a table six times to share my line with the community. One large scale event and five farmer's markets. This past Saturday was the last farmer's market of the season and I've learned so much.

 The markets have made me realize that this dream of mine is doable. I feel like for the first time I'm on the right track with my business. Balancing the books doesn't make me want to cry anymore and I've found a way to not just rely on internet sales. New plans and goals have been made and larger investments are ahead.

I'll never forget the last 6 weeks, feels like much longer, but it flew by. I did my first show in Baton Rouge, LA. A co-worker pushed me to get a table and just go for it. I felt like I was jumping off a cliff. The experience of having people buy my line in person was like no other, I wanted to do more. So I took off two months of work and hit the markets. That first market in my home town I had butterflies in my stomach. Seeing people I've known my whole life ask me about my business just didn't come easily, I was embarrassed. About three markets in I really gained confidence, I wasn't embarrassed to be selling my handmade jewelry, I was proud. I started to think about how hard I've worked to get to this place and then my insecurities just kinda faded.

I have one more large show in August, it's two days long at a state park. My goal? To sell out and not pass out from heat exhaustion. Aim high right?

What's next? More shows. I've applied to a pretty large show in October. It's very expensive to get in, but it's 4 days long and I've been told most small jewelry booths sell out in two days. So I'm over here planning, planning, planning and crossing my fingers I get accepted.


  1. Good luck! I really how you get in!

  2. This is so exciting! I love the way that you set up your booth, so pretty.

    GOOD LUCK! You'll get in! :)