August 14, 2011

this crazy thing called life.

The last 7 weeks of my life have been a blur. I'll try to explain my crazy lifestyle since starting my new job.

In a nutshell, it's been magical. It's hard, hard work. 70 hour weeks, odd hours, no days off (unless you count my 7 day rotation) and rewarding. I'm learning so much, about myself and about life after school. I miss having a life, but I'm saving as much money as possible for when this job runs out in January.
I'm getting to see the gulf coast beaches pretty much every day. Whether that is in Alabama, Mississippi, Florida or Louisiana. It's been a lot of driving, but it's beautiful driving. The first 2.5 weeks on the job I was in Baton Rouge, LA. Then I was moved to Daphne, AL. My place of "residence" could change within a 12 hour window. So I try not to get too used to my hotel room here.

The last week of July I took a 7 day rotation home to celebrate my little cousin's 16th birthday. We went to see Ke$ha (her favorite) in Atlanta. We were on the front row and got to touch her. It was an amazing night and I'm still finding glitter from it.
I'm adjusting to a life of not really having a life. I'm missing my business, my friends and feeling a little bittersweet about not returning to school in a few weeks. Those 4 years flew by. And in 3 weeks I'll be 23... how did that happen? But all I can do is put one foot in front of the other and go with it.
 I'm planning a two week trip to New Zealand in January. I couldn't be more excited about it. I may buy a new camera just for the trip... eeekkk! I'll be meeting up with a childhood friend and we are going to rent a camper and travel the countryside. Life is good... busy... but good.

Update me on your summers. Please!