May 30, 2012

Totally Obsessed // Bullfinch & Barbury

I am totally obsessed with these bangles. I wish I had an occasion to buy a set for. I'm in love with all the intricate details, the artist is very talented. I'm swooning over here.... any new accessory stores you are in love with?

May 26, 2012


my Wisconsin moss thriving. pool days. favorite new poster. a haircut. my yogurt land addiction. running. downtown Baton Rouge. gym dates.

May 25, 2012


I'm sorry I haven't been on the blog a lot this week. I've had a lot going on in my personal life and then yesterday was just the worst day ever.

Around 1030am I got a call at work from my mom. In an instant I knew something wasn't right. "Sam, I need you to stay calm, but your grandmother is being taken to the hospital. They found her laying in her room and she unresponsive."... unresponsive.... that word resonated in my head for what seemed like minutes. Then my mom told me no one could get in touch with my grandfather and I needed to help.

I remember standing outside our companies warehouse sobbing by the ice chest dialing my grandfather's number over and over. Nothing. I had no idea what to do. I felt so helpless. I went inside to the front office and I remember telling the first person I saw that I needed a hug. That's when I really just lost it. My coworkers were awesome. They helped me track down the number for the church my grandfather was at and we had someone at the church go look for him. The whole time I'm just sobbing wishing I could teleport home. I was NOT ready to lose my grandmother.

Once I got in touch with my grandfather I felt a little bit of relief. At least he would be there with her. My mom called me again to update me. She said that she was still unresponsive and that the nurses had asked for DNR papers. I've never cried so hard in my life. About an hour later I got another update, she had opened her eyes and was holding hands with my grandfather... happy tears.

Turns out my grandmother had a massive stroke on top of very low blood sugar. She's still in the hospital now as they figure everything out. For those of you that pray please send your prayers our way and those of you that don't send your love and thoughts. My family really needs them right now. Thanks.

May 22, 2012

Fun in the City

The bachelorette weekend in New Orleans was more than a success. It was the most amazing and crazy 48 hours of my life. I haven't laughed or smiled so much. The bride was glowing and had a blast out on the town. I really can't even put into words how perfect the weekend was.
Ahhh so much fun. The wedding is in 9 days!!! And the girls are already planning on a trip to Vegas in the fall :)

May 17, 2012


lately I've been super busy. I got back to work on Thursday and my friend flew in the same day to stay for a week. It's been SO much fun to have someone to hang out with after work. We watched both seasons of The League on netflix and then season 1 of Walking Dead. So good!!

Work has still been pretty slow. I'm having to take 2 week rotations every 3 weeks. My next rotation my best friend is getting married!! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. This upcoming weekend is the bachlorette weekend in New Orleans. Nine girls out on the town for two nights... going to memorable that's for sure.

One good thing about work is that our lunch breaks have turned into hour long volleyball tournaments in the warehouse. So it's kinda an unexpected workout everyday. I was seriously the worst player ever until recently and yesterday I actually made it to the championship game!! My coworkers are pretty awesome at improving my game.

And that's about all that's going on around here. Flag football tonight and then packing up for my weekend. I'll have lots of fun things to tell you after my weekend in New Orleans. Promise. What are y'all up to this weekend???

May 11, 2012

Well Loved Products

When I invest in something I usually use it / wear it till it falls apart. I wanted to share some pieces and products I've had for awhile that I still am in love with. You know the kind of items you would buy in Sam's club quantities in case you ever break/lose/or wear them out. 

Chevron Print // Still as obsessed with it as I was in 2011. I have bins from target in the pattern and I just bought fabric for my mom to make me two chevron pillows!

Minnetonka Boots // I bought my first pair up in Wisconsin. I've worn my 3-tiered boots through 2 winters and now down south in the fall. I love love love LOVE them. I bought the ankle boots, but I'm not as happy with them, maybe worn them twice, just feel like I'm cheating on my others, haha. If anyone is a size 6.5 I'd be willing to sell them, let me know.

Lovestruck Perfume // I drooled over this perfume for almost 8 months and then was gifted it for Christmas. I AM obsessed. I only wear it on special days. It's not too floral or overpowering. I get SO many compliments on it. I'm going to be very sad when it runs out... I don't wanna spend $70 on perfume. 

Cynthia Vincent Wedges // Apparently these were sold in target for a short time for $30, but I was in college then and no target near by. I saw them on a fashion blog and was obsessed. I searched ebay for months and finally scored a pair for around $45. I wear them in the summer with most of my dresses. They are surprisingly very comfortable. These are what I wore the day I graduated college :)

Fossil Wallet // Another splurge I made in 2011, my mom talked me into it. I need a new wallet, but I'm usually too thrifty to drop $40 on a wallet. However, I love the colors, pattern and that I could wipe it off easily. My wallets get so gross after a few months and this one still looks brand new 7 months later. Every time I pay for something, someone comments on what a fun wallet it is. Love Fossil.

Latte Bowls from Anthro / / These are kind of a cheat, because I actually just purchased my first 4 bowls the other day. However, I have been in love with them since before I graduated college. I kept waiting to get a place to be able to buy them, but 1 year later I'm still living in a hotel room. So the other day when I was in the store I said what the heck, I'm getting them. Only $5 a bowl. I got one of every color above :) 

I love great products. Is there anything you can't live without or have been in love with through many seasons? 

May 10, 2012

A New Addition // Floral Push Pins

I am in love with the new push pins in the shop. It was VERY hard for me to put them up to sell, I want them all :) I've decided to list limited edition push pins after new collections have been released. What you see here is all I have. Once these are all gone I might create some more.
If you have any custom requests or quantities just e-mail me, we will fix you right up :) Spread the word about these floral lovelies, they all need happy homes.

May 9, 2012

A Race A Month // May

Run for Kids Challenge - Pelham, AL : 25k or 15.5 miles
Before: I signed up for this race 2 weeks before it actually happened... I had never run on a trail, but I didn't think it could be that different. I ran only one long run the Sunday before and put in about 8 miles. Other days I just ran 4-5 depending on how I felt. I knew I wasn't going to be running for a certain time, just completion. This was also the first race I had to go to alone... no cheering section. 

The run was in Oak Mountain State Park on a trail loop that was a little longer than a 5k. So I knew I had to do 5 laps. Others had signed up to run a 50k or the 12 hour run.

Lap 1: I felt great. I probably ran it too fast, but I kept myself at a 9 minute pace. I knew there was only one female in front of me.... yes I'm very competitive. The first mile wasn't really "trail" but then the trail began and holy cow was it different than street running. The tiny hills, the roots, rocks, mud and wildlife make it impossible to take your eyes off the ground. I'm so use to looking forward... and the terrain allowed no mental zoning out to occur. 
Lap 2-3: Still feeling okay. I got to get more water every 5k at the aid station. I had brought my own cooler of things. About lap 3 was when my knees started to feel the impact of all the pounding I was doing. Trail running is just harder on my legs I guess. 
Lap 4: I had to stop and pee... was very hard to start running after stopping. My legs began to ache and my knees were screaming. I just kept running and wasn't worried about my time. At this point I reached a half marathon distance and was now running the farthest I've ever run in my life. Felt really empowering.

Lap 5: I actually had a runner's high the first mile of this lap. I was just so happy to be on my last lap. I had grabbed half a banana at the aid station which really helped. About the last mile my knees hurt so bad I wanted to walk. But I kept telling myself it would take longer to get done if I walked. I kept at it and the last mile felt like ages!!! But once I could finally see the aid station my heart was smiling. I had done it! I had run 25k.
After: Very uneventful to finish a race and not have anyone there to pat me on the back... or drive me home, haha. However, I knew that going in. I called my mom first and she was very proud of me. She knew I had gotten the time I wanted. I've never felt so gross after a race. My legs were filthy, my clothes were drenched. However, it was sooo worth it. Not sure I ever want to run on a trail that distance again, way to hard on my body. 

Time: 2:47:01 // 25k
Results:  1st place female in the 1-6 hour race

May 8, 2012

A Small Town Parade

Every year my town celebrates itself. It's called "We Love Homewood Day". It's one of my most favorite days of the year because the whole community comes together and parties. There is always a parade, followed by a big street party with music and great food.
I was so happy to be home this year to be a part of it. Brought me back to High School seeing the band march, I played saxophone for 2 years and was drum major my other two. I miss band so much... nerd alert.
Anyways, it was a great time seeing old friends and watching the kids I use to babysit march in the parade. Hard to believe they are all grown up... guess I am too.

May 4, 2012

May Flowers // New Flower Rings

Now in the shop : Cabbage Rose Rings, Gerber Daisy Filigree Rings & new colors for the Mary Rose Ring. The Gerber Daisy Rings are limited edition, only one of each color will be sold. Please spread the word about all that's blooming over at Indie & Chic.

May 1, 2012

May // 2012

I feel like May is going to be a good month.
Another month of chasing my dreams and making things happen.
Running more than I've ever run.
Spending more time in my hammock.
Possibly getting a pedicure and a facial.
Working in the heat.
Getting ready for my best friends wedding.
Being spontaneous.
Laughing more.