November 20, 2013

Dear Doodle

**On October 22nd, 2013 my grandfather passed away. I haven't known what to say on my blog and so this letter will have to do** 

Thank you. Thank you for so many things, big and small. I'm not even sure how to thank someone for stepping up in my life the way you did. You were the man in my life from the beginning and I wouldn't be the person I am today if you hadn't helped. I never imagined you being gone and I'm so sad you aren't here anymore. I miss hearing you say 'Hey Red' and I miss your laugh, oh man do I miss your laugh. We lost you so quickly and I feel like there were still a million more milestones I wanted you to be a part of, that I wanted you to witness. You taught me so many things through the years together and I will never forget them. I will never forget your passion to serve in the community or help others. You lived a full life Doodle and helped so many different people through the years, I hope I can leave this world and accomplish half of what you did. I will continue to make you proud Doodle and I love you so much.
Love Red