June 21, 2011

pursuit of happiness

a year ago a good friend Kara Haupt twittered about a song, I clicked the link and my summer was forever changed. The song was a cover by a girl with a voice like no other. The words even more inspiring and motivational, much like Kara.

Today the song seems even more appropriate. I'm leaving on a plane to start the next chapter of my life (70 hour work weeks and living out of a hotel). I'm scared, I'm excited, I'm wondering how I'm really going to do this but I'm keeping a few lyrics in my head and taking a big step into adulthood.

"I'm on the pursuit of happiness and I know everything that shines ain't always gonna be gold. I'll be fine once I get it, I'll be good"

June 20, 2011

iPod Touch and fitness

I recently purchased an iPod touch; my 30 GB Classic finally wouldn't hold a charge after 5 years. I had no idea that the iPod touch had so many apps available like Facetime and Words for Friends. But as I played around in the app store I found out they have a lot of great apps for people that need help with workouts and motivation.

I wanted to share my two new favorite workout apps :) The first one being Nike Training Club. It offers lots of different workouts that target different areas, it also logs your hours and rewards you with celebrity workouts. I'm really wanting to do one of these 3x a week in my hotel room. Plus it's FREE.
The second one is by my most favorite trainer, Jillian Michaels. Her app is called Jillian Michaels Fitness Motivation, and is also free. It has really great circuit workouts and specific exercises for target training. My most favorite part of the app is the motivation and tips section, she has great advice for plateaus and lack of motivation. The app also features JM's favorite recipes and their nutritional value. My goals is to try a few of these if possible in my hotel room kitchen. 
What apps do you love on your iPods or iPhones? It's amazing the variety of apps out there :)

June 19, 2011

What I've been up to.

- learning to wakeboard
- 30 minute personal training sessions
- not being able to walk the days after
- packing, packing, and more packing
- enjoying the southern thunderstorms
- teaching my puppy to play hide and seek
- packing up the last of my store orders and feeling sentimental
- wondering what is next for me in the weeks to come
- excited to have a job that starts in 3 days
- wishing I had more exciting things to blog about ;)

June 13, 2011


Hello everyone!! I'm leaving for my job in 1 week, so I will be shutting down the shop temporarily. I don't want all my cute jewelry to sit in my room unused, so please take advantage of this crazy sale!!

50% off everything in the shop (NO EXCEPTIONS)!!!! use code CRAZYJUNE at the checkout!! This probably won't be happening again, so please tell your friends and your twitter peeps. Once my inventory is gone I will only be releasing collections for every season and doing custom orders. Thanks for all your support, I love you all, xoxoxo

P.S. if anyone is in the market for white bubble mailers size #0 I have like 200, haha. I only want to keep about 100 on hand. E-mail me :)

June 7, 2011

these boots were made for working.

two weeks from today I will board a plane headed for Baton Rouge. My suitcase will be packed with 5 pairs of work jeans, 6 pairs of Smartwool socks and about a dozen cheap t-shirts. My work uniform is nothing to get excited about, unless you count my boots. I was told I needed steel-toed boots and a friend suggested RedWing. Well, I wasn't really looking forward to spending $250 on a pair of unattractive boots.
So I kept searching and one day on e-bay I came across these beauties... size 7, brand new, Red Wing steel toed boots... $13.99. I made a bid and a week later they were at my doorstep. I love good deals, but I feel like these were a steal and plus they are CUTE. I'm excited to break them in and spend a good 16 hours a day in them over the next 6 months.

did I mention I have to wear a hard hat? hahahahaaaa

June 5, 2011

etsy love. june edition.

these are in my favorites this month. I wish I could purchase them all.
1. 5" small pouch wallet by Rennes  2. Washi Tape by PrettyTape 3. Deer Antler Necklace by GatherJewelry  4. Be Awesome 8 x 10 Print by Lucius Art

June 3, 2011

customer love // michael ann

a few days ago Michael Ann sent me a link to a blog post she did on my gold leaf hair clip. I am in love with how she styled the piece and wanted to share with you guys. Michael Ann has an amazing blog, check her out if you have a moment.
Is that not the most adorable hairstyle you've ever seen? I'm in love with the fishtail braid.

Do you have photos of any Indie & Chic pieces? Please let me know. Have a wonderful weekend.

June 2, 2011

hello June.

June. Being home in the Alabama heat. Reconnecting with my high school friends. A backyard Graduation party. Training Parker (the pup) to run with me. Re-reading the Harry Potter series. Late nights on the back deck talking with my mom. June will be the month I begin my first "real" job. 70 hour work weeks. Figuring out what it means to pay bills and budget. Starting the next chapter of me. Be good to me June.