August 25, 2012


Sorry I've been absent from the blog lately. So many things going on in my life and it's hard to keep up with everything. I've been getting ready for my big show in October, 4 day event. I've been planning my space and ordering flooring. I got an amazing deal on these, so excited. I really struggled with investing in these, but renting gross carpet that didn't match my booth was going to be $50. So if I just do three shows the tiles have paid for themselves. Also, they are probably going to save my feet, the reviews are all very positive.

Still left to do. Find backdrops, tablecloths (thinking of making muslin ones), buy clipboards to create this, get bed risers for my tables, and create signage for my prices. Yes, so much to get done in the last two weeks before I return to work. I might go a little crazy over here.

Oh and you all should think about signing up for the new Indie & Chic newsletter. Each month I'll be sending out a coupons and updates, BUT ALSO picking a winner from subscribers. So each month you have a chance to win a $10 gift certificate to the shop, how awesome is that?

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