June 27, 2012

wedding goodness.

**All photos are Leslee Mitchell**
About time I share some actual wedding photos of my best friends wedding. I know I haven't been to many weddings, but this was one fantastic union. My best friend Vicki has always been a really amazing planner and very into details. That's how we actually bonded (being OCD about our Anatomy class notes in HS). Anyways, I hadn't been around much for all the planning and I honestly had no idea what to expect. I knew my bridesmaid dress was a gorgeous green and that she wanted to wear her hair up... and that was really it... maybe I wasn't the best bridesmaid...haha.
However, I couldn't have been more excited to be a part of her special day. I can't imagine being more happy for someone. As I stood up there listening to their vows I knew they had figured it out. They fit. I watched as her bottom lip quivered as her father handed her over to the groom and I teared up, happy tears. My best friend had found her soul mate.
As for the reception, it freaking rocked! Our photographer was literally the coolest person I've ever met.  I didn't even notice her most of the time, she was so low key. LOVED THAT. And her HAIR!!! I die, Leslee's hair was hands down the BEST! And I awkwardly told her that multiple times throughout the day... I lack social skills. I should also inform you that my best friend's mother is English and so the wedding was hybrid in a way. Women were encouraged to wear hats/fascinators and boy did they.
I've always said I've never wanted a wedding, but between Leslee Mitchell and possibly hiring the bride as my wedding planner, I could probably be talked into it. And thanks Vicki for choosing me to stand up there with you, I couldn't have been more honored. I'm so excited to see you and Michael grow... and of course many years from now have our little redheaded babies grow up together ;)
**All photos are from Leslee Mitchell's Facebook Album

June 25, 2012

Indie & Chic's first show

Signing up for a show 14 days prior to the event was taking on a lot. But it was an impulse decision to just make myself do something I've been holding back on for years. I'm so shy about my shop in real life, I've just gotten to where I can talk about it with coworkers and people I meet. It just doesn't come naturally to talk about it, so signing up to sit behind my work for 6 hours put a knot in my stomach the instant I sent over the application form. 

I had none of display items down on the gulf with me, so my mom sent me a table cloth and my promotional items I had at the house. I picked up the shelf unit and the four milk glass dishes at an antique store for $50 total. Such a steal. I used vista print for the sign, I had a coupon for a free one, and Kara Haupt designed it for me. Everything else I made out of things I had on hand. 
The day of the event I wasn't too nervous, I was actually pretty excited. The event wasn't a craft or gift show so I didn't have much competition. People responded so well!! It made me want to do a million more shows. I hit my goal and made my money back, so I'd say it was a win. I learned so much and what I want to improve on for my next show. You gotta fall to fly.

Hello to all my new readers I met at the show. You all were amazing and so sweet. 

June 22, 2012

around these parts.

Life has been crazy busy... in the best kinds of ways. Work picked up, I've been preparing to be a vendor at my first show (which is tomorrow!) and I've been spending lots of time with a special someone.

I only have one more week down on the Gulf and then I'm headed home for the fourth. Well, technically not home, but that's another post ;) But the short story includes a boy, a military base, learning about helicopters, lots of avocado and so many smiles. Oh and I forgot to mention Parker gets a date out of this as well... it's pretty much gonna rock.

I'll leave y'all with some of my favorites from instagram the past two weeks. #1 has to be the cat tied to a tree at a Louisiana rest stop... I can't even make these things up. **username is Samantha_A**

Have a lovely weekend.

June 15, 2012

A Race a Month // June

14th Annual Law Enforcement Pig Run - Birmingham, AL : 5k 
Before: I really didn't train at all for this race. I just wanted to run it for fun, the summer months are hard to train in. I signed up pretty last minute, but it's the only June race in my area, so to stay on target I knew it was a must run. A new friend showed up with his dog to cheer me on. It was really nice :)

Mile 1: I realized I was running the same route as the Mercedes Half Marathon from back in February. It flew by. There was only one girl ahead of me.

Mile 2-3: Went by so quickly. The weather was perfect and I had so many other things racing through my head that I almost forgot I was racing. More like a quick run. Once I saw the finish I picked it up and passed a few people. I really didn't feel to tired, which means I wasn't pushing myself, haha.
Time: 25:20 // 5k
Results: 2nd Overall Female

June 14, 2012

Summer Adventures // the lake

Possibly one of my most favorite places, my aunt and uncles house. They live on a lake in Georgia and every time I visit it's just magical. Good food, amazing memories and lots of time out on the water. If I could spend my whole summer somewhere, it would be here. I spent the first week of June here, which is why I've been so quiet on the blog. Now I'm back to work and getting settled back into a routine.

June 5, 2012

Running Shoes // Nike Free Run+ 2

Lately I've had a lot of friends and a few readers asking my for advice on running shoes. I thought I'd share my responses with all of you in case any of you are curious.

I'm 100% a Nike fan. Hands down, their best shoe is the Nike Free Run+ 2 ... I've owned 4 pairs. Currently I have 3 pairs that I use on a weekly basis. Why have 3 pairs of the same shoes, let me explain.

My oldest pair are the ones I used to train for my half marathon... they were toast by the end of the race/training. I now use them for going to lift weights or spin classes.

The other two pairs I rotate. I'm new to this whole rotating process, maybe I'll explain that in another running post. Anyways, I alternate which ones I run in, in hopes of prolonging the life of my shoes.
To say I'm in love with Nike Free Runs is an understatement. I've had horrible knee troubles as a runner ... until I switched to this shoe. I never have shin splints anymore and my feet never hurt in these shoes. These shoes are a barefoot-style shoe, which means they provide minimal support, but are designed to be a more natural feel. I recommend ordering a half size up from what you normally wear in everyday shoes.

I'll leave you with some words from a friend that took my advice on switching shoes :) "thank you sooooo much for getting back to me so quick! Your suggestion is amazing and I absolutely bought a pair. Ran in them for the first time today and absolutely fell in love!! They are just as amazing as you made them out to be. So thanks pretty lady!" Sybil

**You can get the +2 versions a lot less at sites like 6pm.com, zappos.com and amazon.com. Nike.com currently only sells the 3, 4 and 5 versions.