January 26, 2012

Latest Obsession // Custom Toms

Okay how does one make Tom's shoes even better?? Hand painted and hand stitched goodness. I cannot explain to you how excited I was in finding these gems. I want to start collecting custom Toms... one pair at a time. 
First on the list, the ultimate hipsters dream.... Nebula Toms. I die.
Aztec Arrow Toms ... I cannot even explain how amazing these are.
School Spirit Toms? Wishing I was still in college so I could sport these around.
And last but not least the city scene Toms... I so hope to have a city to call my own this year so I can grab a pair of these!!!

Custom Toms... who would have thought? The internet is just the best place to make your dreams come true :)

January 24, 2012

Healthy Eating // Round Two

My first full week of living in the hotel is behind me. I only ate out one time and I picked sushi. I brought my lunch every single day to work, yay!! I've only been eating food from Whole Foods... even my indulgences.
I've really gotten into cooking vegetables... which I never thought I'd say. I have attempted and conquered chicken!!!! My most favorite food in the whole world.
I'm noticing how much more energy I have now that I'm eating healthier. I've also found that my running has improved since I began eating this way. I know what kind of foods give me the most energy for my workouts and what to eat after for my recovery. I'm just listening to my body more and it's really empowering. I can't wait to see what a full month of eating this way feels like.

January 23, 2012

Half Marathon Training Update

I've completed 5 weeks of my half marathon training.

I have 3 weeks or 21 days left till the race.

I'm getting very bored with my long runs, 7+ miles just kinda sucks.

So far I've run 90 miles for my training which started 12/19/11.

That seems crazy. But I am so proud of myself for sticking it out.

I really don't know if I like training for such a long race... I'm excited that I only have 3 more weeks of a work out schedule.

I cannot wait to cross that finish line!! 

January 15, 2012

Indie & Chic // A BRAND NEW STORE

Today is the day! The day I thought would never come, but it's finally here... Indie & Chic finally out on it's own, no more Etsy.
I wanted to take the plunge and just go for it. And with the help of the wonderfully talented Kara Haupt the website and store are up and running.
 For 24 hours I'm offering free shipping, use code FRIENDS. This will end at midnight tonight, central time.
I've got a lot of new products in the shop, like push pins, new bobby pins and I even brought back the custom state cards.
 So thanks for all of your words of encouragement and support this past year, I'm hoping 2012 will be a great year for Indie & Chic.

January 14, 2012

Healthy Eating // Round 1

One of my new goals for 2012 is to eat healthier, not diet. I want to learn how to cook my own vegetables and food so that I have more options than frozen dinners and sandwiches.

I'm pretty sure I'll be living in a hotel for at least six more months, so I decided it was time to make the best of having a kitchen and learn to cook. So I made a list and wandered around Whole Foods until my basket was full food I HAD to prepare.

I have absolutely no experience cooking at all. Annie's Mac and Cheese was about the extent of my cooking abilities. So I googled everything. "Stove top asparagus" "Stove top sweet potatoes" ... and this is the result :)
 I just sprayed a sauce pan with canola oil and let them cook for 6-7 minutes, added a little salt and then stuffed my face. It was amazing. I've had it two dinners in a row and is the perfect about of carbs for my nightly workout.

I've also been packing my lunch for work, since most everyone leaves to go eat lunch I just bring it with me... yes I'm that person that brings their own food to a restaurant... I have no shame. :) And that my friends is what is going on food wise in my life right now. I'll keep ya updated on more of my cooking adventures.

January 12, 2012

Back to Work

Today I make the 6 hour drive back to Baton Rouge, LA. I'm actually really excited to get back to work. I feel like the hotel, work and that small little gym are my life and I feel out of place at home. Who would have thought?
Work is probably going to be slow for a month or so, but I'm actually really glad because the next 4 weeks are going to be brutal with my half marathon training. Example, Sunday I need to run 7-8 miles. I haven't done that in 4 years. But I CAN do it and I WILL. I'm nervous but excited to push myself mentally the next four weeks. You can make a million excuses in the world, but when it comes down to it, you want something bad enough you just make it happen.
I'm on Week 4, Day 4
I've been watching the Biggest Loser and the show Heavy this past week and I've kinda decided I'd like to teach a fitness class or help others lose weight like I have. I get so much joy out of watching those people turn their lives around and I would love to help encourage/motivate others to get healthy. I'm hoping I find a way to make this happen in my little world, because I think it would only help me be more active and branch out socially.

And those are the ramblings of the week. I'm really excited to return to my hotel with a Whole Foods in walking distance... I've got a grocery list packed with the essentials for a half marathon trainer, thank you Runners World.

January 7, 2012

A Race a Month // January

The Red Nose Run : 5k
Before: It was a really early race, had to be up at 6 am to stretch and hydrate. I was really nervous about beating my last results, since I had just run a 5k back in December with no training.

1st mile: 8:05  I felt really good and it was hard not to run faster, but I kept telling myself the people sprinting ahead of me couldn't keep that up the whole race.

2nd mile: 8:43 There was like half a mile uphill. I passed a lot of people on it, but I still felt like I was running in wet cement. I focused on this nine/ten year old boy ahead of me and promised myself not to let me get too far ahead.

3rd mile: 8:24 I kept with that kid and he started picking up the pace, I kinda felt like a creeper. Then there was another leg of uphill and I passed him and about 10 other people. I never got passed after mile 2. I knew the finish line was coming but I just kept a pace I knew I could manage.
The Last .10: I could see the finish line and there were these two runners trying to block me out of the shoot (I'm in pink). I didn't know I could run so fast, I booked it and passed them both. I'm usually the worst finisher, I never have the energy to sprint, but I sprinted like I've never sprinted before. My watch told me I ran the last .10 at a 6:41 pace, hahahhahah. So HAPPY!

After: I kinda felt like I might just pass out of happiness when my mom told me my time was 26:03. I couldn't believe it. In one month I cut off over a minute (27:19 - Dec '11). I waited around for the awards and placed 3rd in my 20-24 age group. Just the amount of motivation I need for this last month of half marathon training. So excited!!

January 4, 2012

2012 Word // SHINE

I got the idea for choosing a word for the whole year from Elise C. She inspired me to pick one word that would radiate through my whole year and motivate me through the good times and bad.

To be honest, I hadn't picked the word until late last night. Nothing that came to mind really felt like me or my present state. I wanted something I wouldn't get tired of and that would push me when I needed a push.

The word came together through some favorite song lyrics and a Nike ad. What do I want in 2012, to shine! Shine with sweat at the end of every workout and every race. Make an effort to better myself everyday and be someone that my family and friends are proud to know. Shine through the hard times and shine through the great times. Shine when others are being mean and shine onto those that need an encouraging word. Shine in my actions and in my thoughts. Become more of the person I want to be and not worry what others will say. Just shine, shine, shine!

So 2012, here I am and I'm ready to shine.

January 1, 2012

Hello 2012.

There is just something magical about starting a new year. I feel like I have a clean slate to conquer anything I can dream up. This year my goals are to do more things that make me happy and to not worry about all the little details. My resolution is to run in a race every month of 2012. I have the first three planned already. I am very excited.

I've got some really exciting news to reveal in a week or so about Indie & Chic. It's been so hard to keep it a secret, eeek, so happy! I'm thinking of having a preview/opinion post tomorrow with a chance to win some goodies, so come check that out. I've missed the shop and my customers so much.

Hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve and hello 2012. Let's get going!!