October 29, 2012

r&s // October 2012

she had her first big jewelry show
he had a very big interview
they were each others biggest fans
he popped the question
she said "yes, of course"
they told everyone about Italy
he turned 28
she and he went to The Avett Brothers
they found a house
he bought a chiminea
they flew to Alys beach for engagement photos

October was the best month of my life! our lives!

October 22, 2012

Back on Track

So I can't believe I've been missing from the blog for two weeks. It's been a crazy two weeks. We went from trying to keep our Italian wedding a secret, to finally telling everyone that we've been planning to get married in Italy since September.

The date will be 1/12/13 in Pisa, Italy. I AM BEYOND EXCITED!! Overwhelmed, but very happy. Everyone has been extremely happy for us and I'm feeling very blessed. Earlier this week I got to go visit my best friend down in Auburn and all we did was talk about weddings and newlywed life. I even picked up one of the tops I want to wear for my engagement photos this coming weekend.

Life is going very well. I keep waiting for my little bubble to bust. Until then I'll be acting all crazy getting everything ready for our wedding! Any wedding tips or advice I should know about???

October 8, 2012

He Put *THIS* Ring On It

It's been the most amazing 48 hours. Cannot even believe I'm engaged. I mean I believe it, but WOW! It's so surreal and everyone has just been so happy for us. I don't think I've stopped smiling or looking at my ring. I get to wear this beauty for the rest of my life. AHHHHH!!! So here are the details I know you all have been dying for.

Friday was my 2nd day at the Women's Show and Rob came to work it with me. We were there from 9:30AM -8PM. It was the slowest day of the show... painfully brutal and no one was buying anything. I was extremely bummed out. Rob was very distracted all day and kept disappearing. I was kinda annoyed with him because he kept hiding his phone from me when I got near him... I kept asking him who he was talking to. He has never hidden his phone conversations from me... I was pretty annoyed. Turns out he was talking to his mom and the ring had arrived in the mail. They were coordinating how she could get the ring to him without me knowing.

About 15 minutes before the show closed for the day Rob got extremely weird. He was pacing around and being very quiet. I even closed up the booth without him even noticing. As we walked out to the car he asked if he could drive. I immediately told him"no", that I wanted to. Then I just handed him the keys (I realized he had sat with me for 10hrs at a Women's Show without complaining and I needed to humor him). As we pulled out of the parking lot I kinda started to tear up, the show wasn't going how I wanted to, Rob was driving the wrong way back to the house and I was tired. Then Rob asked if we could stop somewhere before we went home. I immediately looked around to see where we were and realized where he was taking me. We pulled up to a park Downtown... where months ago Rob surprised me by showing up to my race. Before that race we sat on a certain bench and talked nonstop. It became "our bench" and now he was leading me over to that very bench. I started crying, not hard, just little tears. We sat on the bench and I thought to myself this is the last moment I'm ever going to be just a girlfriend.

I remember that I couldn't even look at him, I laid my head on his chest and could hear his heart racing. Then he said the most honest and touching words I've ever heard. And he promised he would cherish and honor me for the rest of his life. He got down on one knee, took my hand and looked me in the eyes (I'm ugly crying at this point) and asked me if I would marry him. I somehow managed to say "Yes, of course" and then out of his pocket came the most beautiful ring I've ever laid eyes on. I couldn't stop crying. Time had stopped. I remember every part of the moment he put that ring on my finger.
ring custom made by Ashley Kersh, pink diamond, rose gold setting
When we arrived back at my house we were greeted by his parents, my mom and my grandfather. They all had been waiting and popped some champagne. Then the parents took turns toasting us and I started crying all over again. It was like a fairytale. I'm still in total shock. I couldn't feel more blessed or be happier knowing I get to spend the rest of my life with Rob. He makes me feel more loved and more cherished than I thought possible. The love I feel for him is so intense and so solid. I'm so glad that our paths recrossed and that I'm going to marry the boy my 7th grade self was in love with.

October 6, 2012


Probably the happiest post I've ever been able to write so far. I feel so blessed and loved. I also can't stop staring at my finger.... ahhhhhh!!!!! More details soon, promise!

October 4, 2012


Well folks it's here. Months of preparation. Hours of work. And realizing I have the most supportive friends and family. In a few minutes I'll leave to head to my first "real" show. 4 days, 30 hours, 1,000s of people. Too say I'm nervous is an understatement, I'm terrified. I know I'll make it through and this first day will be the hardest.

Here are some photos of how the booth turned out. I'll post some more photos later in the week too. Hope you all have a fabulous Thursday, send some good vibes and courage my way!