June 15, 2012

A Race a Month // June

14th Annual Law Enforcement Pig Run - Birmingham, AL : 5k 
Before: I really didn't train at all for this race. I just wanted to run it for fun, the summer months are hard to train in. I signed up pretty last minute, but it's the only June race in my area, so to stay on target I knew it was a must run. A new friend showed up with his dog to cheer me on. It was really nice :)

Mile 1: I realized I was running the same route as the Mercedes Half Marathon from back in February. It flew by. There was only one girl ahead of me.

Mile 2-3: Went by so quickly. The weather was perfect and I had so many other things racing through my head that I almost forgot I was racing. More like a quick run. Once I saw the finish I picked it up and passed a few people. I really didn't feel to tired, which means I wasn't pushing myself, haha.
Time: 25:20 // 5k
Results: 2nd Overall Female

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