June 22, 2012

around these parts.

Life has been crazy busy... in the best kinds of ways. Work picked up, I've been preparing to be a vendor at my first show (which is tomorrow!) and I've been spending lots of time with a special someone.

I only have one more week down on the Gulf and then I'm headed home for the fourth. Well, technically not home, but that's another post ;) But the short story includes a boy, a military base, learning about helicopters, lots of avocado and so many smiles. Oh and I forgot to mention Parker gets a date out of this as well... it's pretty much gonna rock.

I'll leave y'all with some of my favorites from instagram the past two weeks. #1 has to be the cat tied to a tree at a Louisiana rest stop... I can't even make these things up. **username is Samantha_A**

Have a lovely weekend.

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  1. Someday I want my life to be as awesome as yours.