January 4, 2012

2012 Word // SHINE

I got the idea for choosing a word for the whole year from Elise C. She inspired me to pick one word that would radiate through my whole year and motivate me through the good times and bad.

To be honest, I hadn't picked the word until late last night. Nothing that came to mind really felt like me or my present state. I wanted something I wouldn't get tired of and that would push me when I needed a push.

The word came together through some favorite song lyrics and a Nike ad. What do I want in 2012, to shine! Shine with sweat at the end of every workout and every race. Make an effort to better myself everyday and be someone that my family and friends are proud to know. Shine through the hard times and shine through the great times. Shine when others are being mean and shine onto those that need an encouraging word. Shine in my actions and in my thoughts. Become more of the person I want to be and not worry what others will say. Just shine, shine, shine!

So 2012, here I am and I'm ready to shine.

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