January 26, 2012

Latest Obsession // Custom Toms

Okay how does one make Tom's shoes even better?? Hand painted and hand stitched goodness. I cannot explain to you how excited I was in finding these gems. I want to start collecting custom Toms... one pair at a time. 
First on the list, the ultimate hipsters dream.... Nebula Toms. I die.
Aztec Arrow Toms ... I cannot even explain how amazing these are.
School Spirit Toms? Wishing I was still in college so I could sport these around.
And last but not least the city scene Toms... I so hope to have a city to call my own this year so I can grab a pair of these!!!

Custom Toms... who would have thought? The internet is just the best place to make your dreams come true :)

1 comment:

  1. the nebular ones are amazing! great collection