June 7, 2011

these boots were made for working.

two weeks from today I will board a plane headed for Baton Rouge. My suitcase will be packed with 5 pairs of work jeans, 6 pairs of Smartwool socks and about a dozen cheap t-shirts. My work uniform is nothing to get excited about, unless you count my boots. I was told I needed steel-toed boots and a friend suggested RedWing. Well, I wasn't really looking forward to spending $250 on a pair of unattractive boots.
So I kept searching and one day on e-bay I came across these beauties... size 7, brand new, Red Wing steel toed boots... $13.99. I made a bid and a week later they were at my doorstep. I love good deals, but I feel like these were a steal and plus they are CUTE. I'm excited to break them in and spend a good 16 hours a day in them over the next 6 months.

did I mention I have to wear a hard hat? hahahahaaaa

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