May 11, 2012

Well Loved Products

When I invest in something I usually use it / wear it till it falls apart. I wanted to share some pieces and products I've had for awhile that I still am in love with. You know the kind of items you would buy in Sam's club quantities in case you ever break/lose/or wear them out. 

Chevron Print // Still as obsessed with it as I was in 2011. I have bins from target in the pattern and I just bought fabric for my mom to make me two chevron pillows!

Minnetonka Boots // I bought my first pair up in Wisconsin. I've worn my 3-tiered boots through 2 winters and now down south in the fall. I love love love LOVE them. I bought the ankle boots, but I'm not as happy with them, maybe worn them twice, just feel like I'm cheating on my others, haha. If anyone is a size 6.5 I'd be willing to sell them, let me know.

Lovestruck Perfume // I drooled over this perfume for almost 8 months and then was gifted it for Christmas. I AM obsessed. I only wear it on special days. It's not too floral or overpowering. I get SO many compliments on it. I'm going to be very sad when it runs out... I don't wanna spend $70 on perfume. 

Cynthia Vincent Wedges // Apparently these were sold in target for a short time for $30, but I was in college then and no target near by. I saw them on a fashion blog and was obsessed. I searched ebay for months and finally scored a pair for around $45. I wear them in the summer with most of my dresses. They are surprisingly very comfortable. These are what I wore the day I graduated college :)

Fossil Wallet // Another splurge I made in 2011, my mom talked me into it. I need a new wallet, but I'm usually too thrifty to drop $40 on a wallet. However, I love the colors, pattern and that I could wipe it off easily. My wallets get so gross after a few months and this one still looks brand new 7 months later. Every time I pay for something, someone comments on what a fun wallet it is. Love Fossil.

Latte Bowls from Anthro / / These are kind of a cheat, because I actually just purchased my first 4 bowls the other day. However, I have been in love with them since before I graduated college. I kept waiting to get a place to be able to buy them, but 1 year later I'm still living in a hotel room. So the other day when I was in the store I said what the heck, I'm getting them. Only $5 a bowl. I got one of every color above :) 

I love great products. Is there anything you can't live without or have been in love with through many seasons? 


  1. I love those Minnetonka fringe boots! I have the ankle trapper boots and I've worn them to death! I have vowed to purchase the ones above for the fall time! I also buy mine in Wisconsin :) Love them!