May 17, 2012


lately I've been super busy. I got back to work on Thursday and my friend flew in the same day to stay for a week. It's been SO much fun to have someone to hang out with after work. We watched both seasons of The League on netflix and then season 1 of Walking Dead. So good!!

Work has still been pretty slow. I'm having to take 2 week rotations every 3 weeks. My next rotation my best friend is getting married!! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. This upcoming weekend is the bachlorette weekend in New Orleans. Nine girls out on the town for two nights... going to memorable that's for sure.

One good thing about work is that our lunch breaks have turned into hour long volleyball tournaments in the warehouse. So it's kinda an unexpected workout everyday. I was seriously the worst player ever until recently and yesterday I actually made it to the championship game!! My coworkers are pretty awesome at improving my game.

And that's about all that's going on around here. Flag football tonight and then packing up for my weekend. I'll have lots of fun things to tell you after my weekend in New Orleans. Promise. What are y'all up to this weekend???

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  1. Oh, have a lovely trip to New Orleans. :) I'd love to see photos, since I've never been there.. Well, anywhere in the US actually.

    I haven't seen those shows, but I think I've heard of the League.. too bad Netflix doesn't work here!

    Indie by heart