March 15, 2012

and just like that.

and just like that... things are looking so different. one little change has put the biggest smile on my face. the fact that I wrote this post just a few days ago just reminds me that life is never certain and you just have to have a little faith. some faith that things all happen for a reason, serve a purpose and you won't get pushed further than you can handle.

and just like that... I've realized my patience has paid off. And as I'm typing this, that I need to apply that to the current confusion that I have in my life. Just let it play out. Don't force it. Just let it develop. That I don't have to go full speed ahead after it... and that it will mean more if it wasn't forced. I have time and I'm tired of forcing things.

and just like that... I've typed one of the most cryptic posts on this blog.

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