May 7, 2014

Dear Maxwell // Three Months

My sweet boy, 
You are more than I could ever imagine. I'm the happiest I've ever been in my whole life and every day I grow to love you more. You are such a good baby. You smile and babble in the mornings. You have learned to grab your toes. You radiate happiness. 

Your Dad left for his deployment when you were two months old, every morning he asks for a picture of you. We get to see him again in two days! He isn't going to believe how much you've grown and how well you can interact now. Boy does he love you. He cannot get enough photos and videos of you throughout the day. You make him so proud. The other night we were all Facetiming with Dad and I had the screen so you could see him. Maxwell, you couldn't stop smiling at the screen and every time you heard his voice you would coo and squeal. It was all I could do not to cry it made my heart swell. You two already have such an amazing bond. 
We love you so much,

**Other observations // You love holding your hands, it's as if you are praying. You've started to pay attention when I read you books. I left you with strangers (YMCA daycare) for the first time, it was tough, but so liberating. You don't want to be held like a baby anymore, you want to sit up or stand at all times. You are still in LOVE with that carseat, glad I didn't invest in a fancy baby seat for the house. You laugh and giggle lots now, it makes me feel like last months smiles were just a tease.**

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