May 6, 2014

Dear Maxwell // Two Months

**These are a little behind in posting, but I have been writing them on schedule**

Dear Maxwell,

We survived the first full month without your Dad. It was an emotional one, but somehow we held it together and I would even say thrived. How can I feel sorry for myself when you greet me each morning with that gummy smile? The smiles came about a week after Dad left, which have been so much fun to send to him. We FaceTime with Dad and you just stare at the phone's glow. You like hearing his voice and you kick your little legs fast when you hear it. 

Momma started working out at the house and you have to be in the same room. You enjoy watching me look silly and I will say it's not the same when you sleep through a workout. You've got your fussy times, about dinnertime to bedtime. Sometimes I just feel so overwhelmed when dinner is burning on the stove and you are screaming, but usually I can get you to settle down. You have been spending lots of time with your grandparents, they love you so much. It's so hard to imagine doing this without them so close. 

You've really started to focus on things and hold your head up. You can turn it from right to left and not need much assistance or support. We run LOTS of errands with you in the Ergo carrier. You fall asleep almost instantly, I can even vacuum with it on and you don't mind. You are sleeping through the night still and it's the best gift you could have ever given me. I feel human again and like I may survive this year without your Dad here. 

You love to be talked to. A big smile creeps across your face when you hear your name, Momma, Dad, hey baby, I love you and hello. I cannot wait to hear those words come out of your mouth one day, I will just melt. We also are very into music in the car, currently we have a CD given to us by some good friends. The car is and your carseat are two of your favorite places. You could probably sleep in your carseat all night if I let you. 

Oh you bring me and your Dad so much joy Max, we love you!

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