April 15, 2013

Houseplants Make Me Happy


Well, remember this living room update... totally not even the same room anymore. I can't stop rearranging this room and I love changing things up.

Rob has been wanting houseplants since January and I've been putting it off. I was worried about the dogs eating them and getting sick, and I worried I would just kill them. We also had to budget for them, because I wanted to get larger plants from the start and pretty pots.

So Saturday I found myself at Home Depot for the 3rd weekend in a row, the ladies now know me, and I stumbled onto these two plants. The left is called a Z Plant, it is very toxic to pets, but it grows straight up so if you put it up high you're good. The right one is actually a white bird of paradise. I secretly home it never blooms, I just like the leaves. The paradise plant will probably get close to ceiling height if we let it. We spent $38 on two plants, not too bad.

Then I wandered over to this new store called Bargain Hunt. They had just opened and had huge ceramic pots for $10 and $15. I almost took some woman out getting the two pots I wanted. At Home Depot I had seen the exact same pots for $35 and $50. It was too good to be true really.

Once I got them home I played around with placement. I had spent the evening with my mom and she let me take some old family pieces back over to our house. They worked perfectly and really tie in the plants and textiles. I'm over the moon with how the living room looks now. It's made me excited to bring more plants into the house, possibly in the bedroom hanging.

**Home Depot will replace any plant that dies within one year, no questions asked. Just save your receipt or the card you used to purchase it with**


  1. you're living room looks great ;) Love that cream sectional..but, we'd never be able to keep it that way! (We respect your tidiness..even with dogs!) I also love plants..what a way to welcome spring :)

    Also, I never knew that about Home Depot..That's very exciting news for plant killers like myself!

    1. yea I think I might have been crazy to get a white sofa. However, it's a slipcover that I can machine wash. Super easy and the dogs have already gotten mud on it. Cleaned with just a wet paper towel. So far, very pleased.