April 5, 2013

A Living Room Tour

Finally able to give you all a living room tour, still in progress but I'm loving this space. So welcome to our living room...
Walls // Before it was a blue color and we painted it white one of the first weekends after we moved it. It feels so much bigger now. The paint color is Clear Moon by Behr.

Couch // For awhile we had a different couch, a floral one Rob's mom generously let us have. In March, we made the trip to Ikea to get the EKTORP sofa in white, we decided on this after months of research. Apparently, it holds up and is easy to wash, I will report back.

Pillows // Black and White is from Ikea, the two square burlaps I found at Southeastern Salvage for $10 a piece and my mom monogrammed them for us, the rectangle burlap my mom made and monogrammed with our wedding date for Christmas.

Art // The leaf print is unknown (anyone have a link) and the star we picked up from a garage sale.

Chairs // The plaid chair was from my grandparents old home, we have the matching one in the study. I have plans to have them covered in a white denim, hopefully that happens soon. The black chair was given to me by a friend who was closing a furniture store. I'm planning to recover the the seat and possibly painting the frame a neon shade.

Rug // I bought the 8' x 10' rug off overstock.com, cannot say enough good things about that website. I had a coupon code for 40% off and snagged this and another large rug for $120 each.

Left Bookshelf // Holds our books and other knick knacks. I wish I could paint the inside of these, but I don't want to ruin the beautiful wood for the next renters. I might try using some fabric or paper inserts.

Mantle // Great story, Rob's grandfather cut all of the stone seen here and built the fireplace himself (he also designed and built the home) The mirror is the original that hung in the home when they lived here.  The picture frames were all wedding gifts and the orchids all gifts from Rob (they are my favorite flower). The pencil cactus seen in two different pots was started when I was 8yrs old from a piece about an inch long, I'm pretty proud of that plant. It needs a bigger pot as we speak. Tall white vase is by Kate Spade (wedding gift) you can find one at Macy's.

Right Bookshelf // This is the one you view right when you walk in the front door. I've tried to dress it up with things we already owned or were gifted. I spray painted all those vases to look like milk glass, print by Elise Joy when she was selling prints, 'E' was from TJ Maxx for $5.

Accents // Coffee table was also from Rob's mother, the tray was handmade by our friend as a wedding gift, the mercury glass candle holder is from a local store called At Home, and the basket is from Pottery Barn (both wedding gifts)

And that's our living room. We've made it our own thanks to wedding gifts and a few investments. I've rearranged about 4 times since we moved in, who knows if this arrangement will last. I still need to end tables for our gorgeous new lamps from Pottery Barn (wedding gifts) and I'd also love to add some larger plants into the room. Possibly a sofa table behind the sofa, as inspired by this.

I'll leave you with some before photos so you can see where it all started and evolved. Ask any questions or if you have any ideas let me know :)

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