April 12, 2013

The Married Life // 3 Months

Feels like a lot longer, but seems like a drop in the bucket. Rob and I have been rocking the Married Life, we've settled into our routine and I'm very happy with it.

What marriage looks like for us.
5:45AM Rob's alarm clock goes off. Sometimes I wake up, sometimes I don't. Either way I don't get out of bed until later. He makes his coffee, reads and gets dressed for work.

6:50AM Rob wakes me up to say goodbye. I'm usually groggy and totally incoherent. Other days I get up and see him to the door.

7:30AM I'm out of bed and headed to either work or a gym class. If I don't have something to get me out of bed I'll stay in it till noon.

Five days a week Rob works a day job 8-4. YUCK. And then he also flies helicopters for the National Guard. Some months it's only a few days. This month it's been about 10 days.

Three days a week I nanny. On those days I try and clean the kitchen before I leave and run the vacuum. Figure out what I will need to cook for dinner when I get off work. Real fun stuff.

Two days a week I'm totally free. I go to a gym class and then work from home or run errands. I work out in the yard, catch up on Project Life. Grocery shop. Do a million loads of laundry. Bathe dogs. Stuff that keeps the house functioning but fun things as well.

5:00PM Rob sometimes beats me home, but not lately. I feed the dogs and let them out. Start preparing dinner for the night. Once Rob gets home he jumps in and helps.

7:00PM Dinner is usually over, we've packed his lunch for the next day, cleaned up the kitchen and started the dishwasher. Rob heads towards the shower. I usually MAKE myself fold laundry while he is in the shower.

7:30PM These two partiers are in bed, PJS and all.We use to watch two episodes of something on Netflix, but I get bored with TV after awhile. We've watched movies some nights. But lately Rob reads or watches some football montage about the SEC, I catch up on blogs and write blog posts. Sometimes 'window shop' online. Oh we pay bills from bed too.

Between 8:30 - 10PM Rob is asleep. I'm more in the 9:30-11:30 range. I always wake him up to say goodnight though. Cause we are adorable like that.

May seem like a dull life, but oh it is full of some laughs, great talks and time with my favorite person. Some weeks we take a date night or head off to hear a band. Or sit out on the porch listening to music. It's the breaks in the routine that make those moments stand out. I can't really remember how I spent my time before Rob.

And may there be many many many more drops in the bucket.

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