January 8, 2013

The Italian Wedding // Planning

Photography by Bound By
The next few days after we decided to go through with the Italian wedding were crazy. I was overwhelmed, I was excited, I wanted to tell everyone and I also wanted to get my ring so that people might not be so surprised.

Mom and I went to the bookstore one night and researched elopements/destination weddings. We decided that there would only be parents and siblings at the wedding. We planned to mail announcements the day we left for Italy, so that people would find out about it as it was actually happening. We came up with telling people that a wedding was planned for Fall 2013, but we weren't sure of the dates.

We also contacted my mom's Italian teacher, Andrea to meet with us and discuss the legal aspects of getting married in Italy. I spent countless hours on pinterest looking up winter weddings and figuring out what kind of dresses I liked. Everything still seemed so overwhelming and I wanted to get my dress nailed down as soon as possible. That next week I decided not to go back to my gulf job and stay in town to work on wedding planning. I made 3 appointments with local bridal shops, things were starting to fall in place.

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  1. So excited to read all these details! yay i love weddings :)