January 9, 2013

An Italian Wedding // The Dress

My first dress appointment came 10 days after the whole wedding was decided. I had no engagement ring and no one in town could know what was going on. Rob and I both have families that everyone knows, so this was a pretty hard secret to keep.

Our first stop was a boutique called The Carriage House. The shop is a small little house that was converted into a dress store, and I've driven past it for over a decade. They always have the most amazing dresses in the window. Mom and I snuck into the shop praying no one saw us and I was so nervous I thought I was going to faint. Here I was trying on wedding dresses!!!

We could only choose from a fraction of the dresses because of our 4 month time frame. So we walked through the shop pulling dresses I thought I might like. The first one I tried on was absolutely perfection. I was pretty sure it was the one.
first dress - didn't make the cut
 We tried on two other that I absolutely hated. Then I asked if there were any other dresses in the same style as the first. My fourth dress took my breath away. It was everything I was envisioning for a winter Italian wedding and the sash they paired with it was so me I could't even believe it. Right there we purchased it and toasted with champagne.
the "something blue" sash (dress not mine)
One dress shop. Four dresses. And then we were done with the dress drama. Getting a dress from a local shop was really special, even more special was that my best friend Vicki had gotten her dress there too. So I knew that would be something we could share for the rest of forever.... but I couldn't tell her just yet.

Dress // Alyne   Sash // Augusta Jones "Something Blue" sash 

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