January 7, 2013

An Italian Wedding // How It Started

all photography by Bound-By
The whole concept for an Italian wedding came to be through a typical Rob and Samantha conversation. We were sitting in my room and he was explaining to me about how he wanted us to get married sooner than later because of his deployment. At that moment I had no desire to get married until  Fall 2013. I think I jokingly said well we can't get married until February anyways unless we go join my mom in Italy.

Ya see, my mom had been planning a month long trip to Italy for her 60th birthday. She had told Rob he was NOT allowed to propose while she was gone, let alone go down to the courthouse and get married. After I made the joke about getting married in Italy, we both just laughed and brushed it off. He knew I wasn't too serious.

A few days later we went to look at engagement rings. We were trying to use an old aquamarine stone from my grandmother instead of a typical diamond. The moment that ring went on to my finger I wanted to marry him right then. It was the most surreal moment, I actually teared up. Now granted he hadn't asked the question, but I was 100% certain Rob was the one and only.

After trying on rings we went by my mom's shop. I actually was kinda nervous to tell her about us trying on rings, but I was also so excited I finally couldn't hold back. As she was looking at horrible quality phone pictures I mentioned the Italian wedding comment. My mom looked up at me and went "that would be perfect". It was really shocking to hear my mom agree to this crazy idea and then it didn't feel so crazy. We stood in the shop for the next hour talking about how we could get everything together to pull this off.

And then all of a sudden I was set to get married in Italy, January 12th, 2013. And it was all a huge secret.

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