January 10, 2013

An Italian Wedding // New Plans

So originally we wanted the whole wedding to be a surprise, but the moment that ring went on my finger everyone wanted details (read our engagement story here). When? Where? How soon? Church? Small? Big? Not to mention all the opinions and advice I got. It was so hard to basically lie to people's faces about not knowing about a date or our plans. I think both families didn't think about that beforehand and it started wearing on us. We made a group decision that people needed to be told about Italy and that Friday night became the last of my sanity.

Engagement parties were planned. A shower. So many people were so happy and excited for us, I'm so glad I was able to change gears and not miss those three months. I put an announcement in the paper, Rob and I registered at a few stores and then the weeks went by like normal. I remember it wasn't until the week before December that it all started to hit me. I was getting married... to Rob! The final dress fitting was what really made it all real. I had my whole ensemble put together and my hands were shaking so badly. I was getting nervous, happy nerves. I finally felt like a bride.

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