January 11, 2013

An Italian Wedding // The Church & The City

Photo from Distinctive Italian Weddings

Originally, I had picked Lucca, Italy for the wedding. However, after talking with our Italian wedding planner, using a church there wasn't going to be an option (Rob & I aren't Catholic). The other option was to use a wedding hall in Lucca, but the more I looked at photos from other brides the more I wanted another option. Wedding halls in Lucca are beautiful, that wasn't the issue, but you had to sit down in chairs during the wedding. Plus, there was no aisle you could be walked down.

So after many e-mails back and forth we found an old abbey in Pisa, Italy. Just 15 miles from Lucca. The abbey or church San Zeno was perfect for our needs. We still would have to have a civil union performed by the Mayor, but we could add out own religious vows. We also had an aisle to walk down and could play our own music. I was sold.

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