January 3, 2013

An Italian Wedding // Heading Off to Italy

As I type this, it's the night before I leave for Italy. The last few days have been hard. We both worked up until leaving and I think that added a lot of stress. Rob & I are both sick, yep, haha. I think mine is just stressed induced and then I probably gave it to Rob. As I sit here and think about the fact that I just packed our bags to leave for our wedding I am in awe. In awe of how life works, and how when you least expect something it comes and knocks you off the path you were so determined to be on. Earlier in the year I wrote a post about being single, and little did I know how true those words would become.

Rob has turned my whole world around. I don't see anything the same way. I've never made decisions around another person or factored anyone into my future. It feels good. I trust my dreams, secrets and faults with him. He is the person I hoped I would find, but I wasn't sure existed. And as cheesy as it all sounds, it's my cheese, that I've never had before. I'm soaking up every ounce of love I feel in this relationship.  I've been expecting to have cold feet or second guess myself, but I haven't, not once.

I'm hoping I can push away all my anxiety about our legal appointments/ the laid back Italian wedding planners and enjoy the next 12 days with Rob and our families. As my mom said today, 'this is the biggest adventure of your life'. I need to enjoy the moment and take in the process. Let go of all the stress I'm feeling. Thanks for your sweet tweets this week, I apologize for the whining.

This whole week there will be posts about how the wedding came together! I hopefully can get a photo posted of the wedding during the honeymoon. No promises.

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  1. What a wonderful sentiment. Makes me happy.
    Future father-in-law.