April 22, 2012

more thoughts.

Sometimes giving someone advice actually allows you to give yourself some advice. I'm a pretty happy person on the outside, I usually keep my issues to myself. I don't like telling people I'm not over my ex or that him being with someone else kills me inside... but sometimes when someone else says the exact same thing to you, you respond with words that hit home. Words you should have been able to tell yourself months ago, that could have saved you from many pints of ice cream and lots of self-doubt.

It's okay that I'm single. It's okay that someone didn't want to be with me. And if I just keep following my own dreams, I'll find someone along the way that is going in the same direction. I've tried to fit someone into my life for so long, and maybe that's why it has never ended well. I have to know what I want out of my life before I can expect someone to be apart of it.

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