March 20, 2012

What's In My Bag // Edition 1

 My very first... what's in my bag post. I've decided that the contents are pretty much spot on for how random my life has been lately. I'm enjoying the chaos.
Purse - Ecko Red. Daily Planner. Cell phone. Tissues. 3 Lip Blams, Esos and Burts Bees. Foray Pen. Flash drive with all 3 Hunger Games books, Hair Clip, Fossil Wallet, Yurbud Ear Phones ... seriously amazing for running. One earring from my shop, other is still missing. $.99 sunglass. Yogurtland spoon. Hair cut coupons. Table number from a special night out/ I can't throw it away because I have an obnoxious crush on someone that was at the dinner. Empty target makeup... using it for the mirror.
After doing this post, I've decided a better version would be for me to do a "What's in my Car" ... because I literally use it as my self storage unit. It's really embarrassing that I have so much stuffed in the trunk. And now I am ranting on about my car... ahhh. I hope you all are smiling.


  1. I love your wallet! Such a fun design. My sister runs marathons and was just saying she didn't have good ear buds for her ipod. I'm going to tell her about Yurbuds! Thanks!

    1. Tell her the $30 version is the best design. I think they sell them at Wal-mart and Target :)