March 22, 2012

Parker Pants

Having Parker down here has been amazing. Minus the hotel calling me and complaining about his barking... he isn't the best at adjusting, haha.

I've had him for almost a week and we've been to the dog park, gone for runs around the lakes, doggy day care and the most epic trip to Petsmart.

It's so different having to plan around his needs before mine. I really like it though. I'm not ever lonely in the hotel room anymore and I have a reason (someone licking my face) to get up in the morning. I love love love Parker. More change is in the air, but that's for tomorrow's post :)
**Parker is 2 years old. He is half Wheaton terror and black lab. Right now he has a summer cut, but usually has longer hair**

1 comment:

  1. He's such a cutie! I'm glad you have some company :)