March 18, 2014

Dear Maxwell // One Month

Dear Maxwell,

Oh how you've changed! Actually, around 4 weeks I started to feel a bit more myself and we got out of the house more often. You took your first bottle from your Dad. It was such a special moment and it made me realize how much I enjoy breastfeeding. You experienced your first snow! We bundled you up and took you out in the most magical of snowfalls and you promptly fell asleep. You work your little tongue often as if you can taste the air around you. We really gave into the whole pacifier deal and I am so glad, no regrets. You sleep so much better and can soothe yourself now. The faces! The faces you are capable of making can either make my heart melt or break. The bottom lip starts sticking out and it kills me. These days you love looking up at lights, you stare at them till you fall asleep.

It was a big month for milestones, your first plane ride to Charleston and your Christening. You slept right through both and we were so proud of you. Speaking of sleeping, you began sleeping through the night at 8 weeks and we couldn't believe it.You also learned a new trick, which we call your exercises. You push off whatever surface we have you hovering over and then squat down, over and over until you tire yourself out. You seem very pleased with yourself. Still no true smiles, but we think you are about to start. You are completely mesmerized by your Dad. You give him the best faces and stare at him until your eyes get too heavy and you doze off. I am so happy you were able to have more time together before he deployed.

You've gotten chunky and can hold your head up by yourself. At your 2 month checkup you weight 9.5 lbs! You've grown out of a few newborn onsies, and your Momma might have shed a few tears because it's all going by too quickly. I want to bottle up these 'firsts' and relive them forever. I get so excited when you learn something new and I'm genuinely proud, it's the best feeling. It makes me so excited for your first steps, your first words and so much more.

I am so grateful to be your Momma and even more grateful to have you as a bright spot in my days without your Dad here.

Lots of love,

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