July 12, 2013

Sweet Jo

I just wanted to update this space with probably the biggest heartache I've ever gone through. Sunday night Rob's mom, my MIL, went into the ER for chest pains. She was treated for pneumonia, but a few hours after arrival her body went into septic shock, we almost lost her. She has been on a ventilator since then and has been sedated. Wednesday they found an injured mitral valve in her heart and took her immediately into heart surgery. She came through the surgery well, they repaired the valve. Things were looking really great. Thursday was a hard day. We had expectations of her waking up and being fine, being able to communicate with us, make eye contact. However, she is still struggling to wake up, and we have to be patient.

I married into this family only six months ago, but my love for this woman started from day one. She took me in from the beginning and never looked back. I'm not sure many people can say that about their MIL. Mrs. Jo is a fighter and I know she will make it through this, it's just an extremely painful wait. I miss her texts loaded with emoticons, I miss her checking on me and I hurt for my husband who misses his mama. We will all make it through this and I appreciate those of you who have sent prayers and well wishes. We have a long road ahead and we are going to need as much support as possible.

I love you Mrs. Jo.


  1. Thoughts and prayers for you & Jo. I hope she comes through safely!

  2. She sounds wonderful. Thinking of you and the family, love. <3

  3. Thinking of you and your family at this difficult time. Praying for a good recovery