July 25, 2013

our little surprise

Thanks so much for all the kind words over the past week! We are so excited about this baby. I'm currently 14.5 weeks and my belly is starting to show. I cannot wait to find out the gender, which will happen the end of August.

We found out two days before Mother's Day. It went something like 'hmm, I'm late...' and driving to the store buying a pregnancy test. I was thinking to myself, there is no way, but seconds after I took the test two pink little lines lit up (the digital one below to confirm) I didn't even really process the whole thing before I called Rob at work. I think I asked him to step outside that I needed to tell him something. Then I just blurted out 'We're pregnant!' He was beyond happy and I was on the other end still processing. We kept texting each other the rest of the day, and it really started to hit me... we are having a baby!!

We drove over to my mom's that night to tell her. We stopped by a book store and purchased my favorite childhood book. I handed it to her and told her she was going to need this soon. She just stared at it and then started freaking out. She couldn't believe she was going to be a grandmother!! We drove down to a favorite spot and just talked details, there was so much excitement.

The next day we had already planned to have Rob's parents over for dinner. We wrapped up a little onesie as one of her Mother's Day gifts. When she opened it she didn't say a word, just kept holding it up and looking back at us. Then Rob and I both told her 'you're going to be a grandma!' She never stopped smiling the whole night and she couldn't believe it. Rob's dad was just as happy and we all spent the whole dinner taking about the little baby to be.

Looking back, I think it's so hilarious we told our parents days after finding out at just 5 weeks along. But that's just us, and we are both extremely close with our families. I cannot imagine waiting to tell them till after the 1st trimester. I needed support and comfort the most those first few weeks. As a whole my first trimester was a breeze, I got so lucky. I had no morning sickness, just some nausea for a few days before I switched up my vitamin routine. The only symptom I've had is fatigue, extreme fatigue. Some days I literally slept 16-18 hours. Things seem to be easier now and I'm adjusting to my changing body. It's so crazy to have so little control, but such a beautiful miracle. I love being pregnant so far and I hope I can say that at the end.


  1. I have followed your blog for not so long but, I'm so excited for you two! I have read so many of your posts and I'm excited to see what a third does for your family!! Good Luck and Congratulations!! :)