June 11, 2013

Our January Wedding - Morning Of

It honestly feels like our wedding was years ago, but in reality it's only been five months. I miss Italy, I love how intimate our wedding was. I wouldn't change our decision to have a small wedding for anything. I remember every single moment of the ceremony and there was no pressure to out do anything previous. We wrote our own rules and created the perfect wedding for us. 

Rob and I chose not to see one another before the walk down the aisle. It was Rob's idea and I didn't have any objections. We were staying in an old palace in Lucca, Italy and the church was in Pisa, so we had to put a pillowcase over Rob's head for the whole entire drive so he couldn't see me. It looked like we had kidnapped my groom. I remember getting ready that morning and wondering if I was ever going to get my headband in the perfect spot. I was so happy that it was just the eight of us, and that I wasn't going to be seen by 200+ people when I walked down the aisle. As we drove to the church I had butterflies in my stomach, this is the day I will treasure the most, the day we make the biggest promise of our lives.

**all photos by Amelia Strauss Photography


  1. So perfectly intimate, it seems even more special that were so few people witnessing it. It looks absolutely beautiful, as do you x