May 19, 2013

Oops, it's been awhile.

Life just took over. We've been busy. Good busy. I needed a break from blogging as well, it felt good. I haven't had as much to blog about lately, but now a catch up is in order.

Last Wednesday was my last day as a nanny, 9 months with the same two boys. They saw me get engaged and married. I've gotten so close with family, I am actually pretty sad to be moving on. I know I will still fill in when they need me, but nothing close to the 20hrs a week I've had. I can remember how bitter I was about having to be a nanny; I had left an amazing job on the gulf and taken a severe pay cut. Some days I wondered why I had signed up for this and others the boys pulled at my heart. I've been close with a few families over the years, but these are the first that probably won't remember me in a few years.

I feel so grateful I was able to watch the boys grow and excel. I got to experience Mason learning how to read, Nate being potty trained and both boys claiming sports trophies. They are both so different and yet brothers. It makes me excited for the day I become a mother, I cannot imagine how much I will love our baby.

As May comes to an end I'm soaking up my time with Rob. We head off to D.C. next week and the last weekend stay with the boys mentioned above while their parents head off to Italy. I'm not looking forward to June as much, Rob leaves for his two weeks of training. Two straight weeks of being alone in the house seems like torture. I know it's good practice for next year, but no one wants to practice deployment, no one.

I guess I should end on a happier note, life is so good. Our family is so good to us and I love our little home. It's hard to believe this is just the beginning, just the start. I've got a lot of projects to tackle with my new free time and hopefully that means more blog content.

Hope you all are doing well!

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