April 1, 2013

April Fool's Day

April Fool's Day is just another day to me. I've never pulled a prank, I've never been pranked. It's just a day that happens every year and I hear about what happens to other people. When I married Rob I found out that his childhood experience with April Fool's day was MUCH different. His parents really go all out, I'll share some examples.

- They were in the Bahamas, Rob was 8 and his sister Amelia was 12. They talked the local police into arresting the kids and putting them in a holding cell....

- Another Bahamas trip, they took the kids out to the beach and told them a giant tidal wave was coming and that they would all probably die. Rob says he was crying and all the kids were freaking out. I think he was younger than 8 at this point.

- The best one happened to Rob's sister Amelia in college. Their dad had flown a group of girls down to the islands and on the flight back he pretending to make an emergency landing in a field. Once on the group he started yelling the plane was on fire and to run for their lives... needless to say I will never be flying with him near April 1st. ALSO, how those girls ever got back on the plane to finish the trip is a mystery to me.

So as a new member to this family, the best thing I can do is appreciate how boring my April first's have been and hope they stay that way. I can't do these stories justice via a blog post, but just know that they were all very traumatic. To the point where Rob was scared to have Easter lunch with his family yesterday...

Kudos to Rob and Amelia for surviving so many April's and may this one be uneventful.


  1. ahahahaha!! All of these stories made me laugh so hard! I can only imagine the looks on all of their faces as all of these things happened to them!

  2. You were barely spared this year ;)

  3. To my parent’s credit they have always said that they would pay for therapy. So there’s that…