March 1, 2013

project life 2013 // cover page

As soon as my binder and page protectors got here I tore into them. I was so excited to see them in person and I forgot how large a 12x12 is. I'm loving it so far and cannot wait to get caught up. I think I'm going to work forward from the current week and work on the ones I missed when I have extra time. I also have to tackle adding in a WEDDING!!

Cover Page// I used a postcard I had on hand and added our initials and the year. I used a map from the cards I make in my shop and punched a heart in Alabama, our home. Pretty simple. I added an engagement photo and a postcard from my shop. I resized the calendar image I had printed for the year, still not sure if I will print that out on photo paper or if it's fine as is. I covered an insert in washi tape and added a paper heart I found in my supplies. Of course I used an Elise Joy quote card and chose that  one because Project Life was contagious and I'm so glad it was passed on to me. I added a quick 'Right Now' insert and summed up our life at the beginning of 2013. Still not 100% sure about that insert, but I'm moving forward and taming my OCD.

Here are my thoughts on the project so far.
- I love how noncommittal each spread is. I can see myself going back a week or two later and totally redoing a pocket or tweaking things. I LOVE that I can move my papers around until it is just right.
- Feels like scrapbooking, but you can cover so much more ground than just a 12x12 spread about one topic.
- I am beyond happy to get my hands on paper again and use up supplies and document this wonderful new chapter of my life.

- I am very curious to see how things show through the other side. Feels like your paper has to be exactly the same on both sides and that seems stressful. Anyone have any tips??
- Corner rounding is already the death of me.
- Some of the 3x4" pockets are different from each other. I knew they were really 2 7/8" x 4, but some pockets are even more narrow. Makes it a little harder to move things around and also freaks me out about the showing through part.
- I am also nervous about the binder getting dirty while I work through the album, I'm sure I will get into a groove with it though.


Supplies Used// America Crafts Thickers Prancer, La-di-dah Eclectic Cardstock Stickers (no longer available), Making Memories Sticker Tiny Alpha PinkLedger, Smashbook Polkadot Tape, Elise Joy quote cards map from Indie & Chic

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  1. That's a really beautiful start to your PL album!

    I hadn't been scrapbooking much for a while (on and off - lots to catch up on) but decided to give Project Life a go. I started from my wedding day on (though the wedding & honeymoon will be separate albums) and have been loving it. Don't worry too much about the little things. Embrace the quirks. Breathe.

    If you hate rounding corners, but like the look, you can order prints pre-rounded from Persnickety Prints. I've had some photos from there and love it. (Though I mostly do all my PL printing at home).

    I really love your map card!