March 4, 2013

Pallet Projects // Gardening Table

Everyone pins pallet projects. Seriously, get on pinterest and just type 'pallet DIY'... OVERWHELMING. I knew when Rob and I moved into this house that I wanted to use pallets to create a potting table. Lucky for me we live near some prime pallet finding locations. We found about eight pallets before I had found the two I wanted to use for my table.

Now when you click on the 'pins' for pallet projects most of them have horrible directions that involve multiple power tools... I decided to wing it with a hammer and borrow tools as needed. Also I threw all directions and measurements to the wind...WHY? because every pallet is different. The wood, the spacing, the way they are assembled. You just have to dive in and execute.

Here is how I created mine over about a 4 week time span... and only one day of having Rob for assistance. **snaps for me for learning how to use two different saws and not losing any fingers**

Step 1 // Figure out which pallet you want to be the table top. I chose a pallet with no spacing in between the boards only because I liked the way it looked. Most directions told me to saw the pallet in half, but I wanted mine to have an overhang. Also if you flip a pallet over, you really can't cut it in certain places because of the beams, so I just kinda winged it. Luckily, it worked out. What do you have to lose except a free pallet???

Step 2 // Saw another pallet in half (or as close to as possible). I made this the back board for my table.

Step 3 // This is where I got kinda disinterested because it required going to Home Depot and spending money. I had wanted this to be a free project. I could't come up with a way to attach all the pieces together without buying some kind of beams for the legs. I tried using pieces of other pallets, but I was worried it would't hold up. So Rob and I ventured to the store and bought two pressure treated 2x4's. We had them cut in half to fit in my car, which actually worked out nicely.

Step 4 // I needed an extra set of hands to assemble the table, Rob was an excellent assistant. We used the worst drill ever, it would hold battery for literally two screws to go in. Then we would wait about 30 minutes and get another two in. Very frustrating. We used 3" wood screws, also had to buy those. WHO IS PRICING SCREWS?? $9 for one box...
**Side Note from Assistant Rob -- The pallet wood is going to be a lot tougher than normal wood. You will need someone with a little bit of strength to get the screws in.** 
Unfortunately, this is a true side note... and I'm strong gal.

Step 5 // Once we got all the legs attached to the tabletop and the bottom shelf we added the back board. We then had two front legs that were sticking out longer than needed. Rob helped me saw those off.
**Side Note from Assistant Rob -- Always use classy eye protection when sawing**
He really wanted me to use this photo! Hhaha! Love it.

TADA // We rocked this project. At times I almost thought I had come to a pinterest fail, but I kept powering through adversity. HIGH FIVE! Rob couldn't believe how awesome it turned out.

Next pallet project to tackle. One of those garden box things... stay tuned.

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