February 22, 2013

Workout Cheat Sheets

So if anyone is like me, they pin all these amazing workouts and then when you get to the gym you have no idea what to do? Well I got pretty tired of trying to run on the treadmill or elliptical while looking at my phone. Seriously, one time I fell off the elliptical and gashed my shin... real cute.

I came up with a very effective way to bring the workouts to the gym. Here is what I did.

-I created a folder on my desktop called Fitness and dragged all my workout pins into the folder.

-I then created a pdf of the workouts in Pixelmator (you can use Adobe) and printed it out onto an 8.5" x 11"

-I cut the workouts out and paired similar ones together. Taping the workouts back to back. I then used self laminating sheets (found at Walmart precut to this size $1.50 for 5) and boom DONE!

Now when I go to the gym I just grab a workout and get to it. SO much easier for me and my workouts can't get all gross and sweaty anymore. No idea why it took me so long to come up with this one.

Also this right here is my favorite workout at the moment. I can burn up to 650 calories in 45 minutes, and that's with a 5 minute cool down. It really isn't too hard, I try to beat my previous stride count each time.


  1. wow this is such a great idea. i am going to have to def do this!

  2. I love this idea because I'm the exact same way: pin a workout to my pinterest page and then forget about. Thanks for sharing a great idea!

    kendall from buttons & blossoms