February 26, 2013

Jumping on the Project Life Train

Yep, you read it, I'm joining the Project Life party. If any of you read my blog or knew me in 2007/2008 you know I ran a website called The Everyday Scrapper. I use to LOVE scrapbooking so much that I reviewed companies products and then made videos on youtube... looking back I'm not sure how I had friends in college, so ahead of the game.

Well I stopped scrapbooking for personal reasons in 2008, but apparently my hoarding skills have paid off. I'm jumping on the Project Life train and only spent $28 on a binder and my first pack of page protectors. Easy enough, I'm on the waiting list for Studio Calico and until then I'm using only supplies I have on hand. I'm excited to dive into a paper project again, but also extremely overwhelmed. I've been searching the internet for PLifers and getting inspiration, wow some people have an amazing eye for design.
Elise Joy

In the end I guess it doesn't matter if it's Ali Edwards quality because I will have documented out first year as a married couple. We get one year together followed by one year apart, so I figure these pages will be my lifeline while Rob is gone. Now I just have to wait for my binder and pockets to arrive! Who else is doing PL, link me to it please!


  1. Yay!!! This is my first year doing PL, too! pretty stoked about it. You should check out instagram. There are a lot of ladies that post their PL layouts. I just posted mine couple of days ago. (trishacakes)

  2. Oh project life will be a perfect way to document all the exciting changes happening in your life! I really want to do it but I'm putting it off for another year because if things are crazy in my life then I tend to forget about projects and I want to do it right. I can't wait to see some of your project life layouts!

    kendall from buttons & blossoms