January 22, 2013

Views from My Desk // no. 1

New feature every Tuesday, views from my desk. Reminds me of the project Kara Haupt inspired me to do back in 2010. 

As you can see the studio is still being put together, but I'm loving this space. I can't wait till it's fully functioning. I've got a few of my favorite wedding cards out to frame and lots of tools present as I hang things on the walls. The last photo is a custom order I finally completed, I made an extra because I loved the headband so much. I'm hoping to release 20 or so one of kind headbands in February. I love how each one becomes its own design, no matter if I use the exact same flowers. I love being able to mix colors and textures, floral bouquet headbands are just my favorite. The End.

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