January 25, 2013

2013 Calendar

One day when I was reading my hero, Elise Joy,'s blog I came across this!! Which then led me to this website. Now I'm usually one to take on a digital project, I don't even even have Photoshop anymore, but this was just too good to pass up. I quickly purchased the digital template from Paislee Press and then edited it with Pixelmator.

I wanted it for my office so I added Indie & Chic products as well as everyday photos as well. I think only a few are actually from Instagram, but I love the effect they all have as a whole. I then bought a frame at Target, actually a 16x20 floating frame. Printing was done by Persnickty Prints, I love love love this company, also found through Elise Joy.

And there you have it. I pretty personal 2013 calendar, after 2013 I plan to cut the calendar up and use it for a r+s mini book featuring the monthly blog posts I do. Double the use!

Digital Template - Lilypad for Paislee Press // Printed with Persnickty Prints // Edited with Pixelmator // Frame from Target

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