December 8, 2012

The WINNER Is...

Wow! You guys have some great ideas, I'll be doing more of these in the future. It was pretty hard to chose one design I loved the most. I wrote down all the possibilities and rated them, there are a lot I'd still like to try out. But the winner is....

***Kelsey M.  with #29 large w/ #9 small. Lime green with a bright blue. Please e-mail me :)

Runners up // I still want to use your combinations, so I'm sending you 50% off coupons for the necklaces, e-mail me as well.
- Erin #8 large w/ #19 small. Bright Pink with Neon Green.
- Kristin  #7 large w/ #23 small Bubble gum Pink and Yellow

It was very apparent, you all want BRIGHTS! The 10 colors I have currently are very soft and muted, so I'm excited to try out some more vibrant combinations. Thanks to everyone that played along!

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