December 10, 2012

Home Updates // Dressed up the Dresser

I've been in this house for a month now, crazy. I feel like I haven't gotten very much accomplished, but I'm taking it a project at a time. I had been wanting to change the knobs on this dresser since Rob brought it over, they lacked any personality. Rob asked me not to make it look girly, so I decided glass knobs would be our best option.

I looked online for weeks, but wasn't spending $8 a knob when we need 14. I happened to spot them in Hobby Lobby the other day 50% off, so I grabbed them for $2.50 each. SCORE. They were extremely easy to put on, maybe a 30 minute project.

Then I decided I need to get out of the habit of covering the dresser in clothing and other odds and ends. So I started from scratch and added some art pieces I love and a few of Rob's as well. I gave us each a milk glass dish to empty his pockets and my jewelry/watches into. I really like how it looks. I CANNOT WAIT to get the room painted, the gold is bring me down. I also brought in a chair I grabbed for free at a closing furniture place and added a temporary laundry basket. We still haven't picked a theme for the room so this will all probably change, minus the knobs.

I'll try to share more of the house as we get it put together. Rob has worked the last 3 weekends, so I've been solo on all the house projects. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Those new glass knobs make such a difference, the whole thing looks much more stylish now :) love what you did with the top too x