November 30, 2012

The Necklace Factory + A Contest

A few weeks ago I had a deal on I had an explosion of necklace sales, and now I'm aiming to get them all out by next Friday! Having an office again has helped tremendously and I plan on asking Mr. &, i.e. Rob, to help as well (he is an excellent necklace assembler).

Thought I'd share a peak of the new office, even though it's far from finished. Rob has half the room as his study and I get the other half for my shop. Although he did get both windows out the deal, I did get the most wall space and a closet ;)

The cubby space on the wall was made by my uncle back in 2002. I first used it to display my beanie baby collection and then it evolved into my CD collection. It's one of the best things I've ever been given and I'm hoping it lasts till I'm 90.

The last little thing I wanted to mention was a CONTEST! I want you guys to help me pick a new color combination for my double flower necklace design. In one week, December 7th, I will chose my favorite new combination and the winner will receive the brand new necklace design. Please share the contest with your friends, the more the merrier, and who knows maybe a few people will win ;) To view the 10 colors already available look here. Good luck!


  1. I think 9 large with 16 small would look great together!

  2. I'm thinking ahead to spring (it's not too early yet, right?) and going with large 17 (lemon yellow) and small 9 (voilet).

  3. I think 8 large and 19 small would look lovely together! Love pink and green together! Thanks for the great giveaway! :)

  4. It's so hard to choose only one combination but I'm going to go with large 26 & small 10.

  5. i like 17 (large) & 3 (small).

    pink & yellow (and gray) were our wedding colors so i'm kind of obsessed.

  6. I think for summer, it would be so fun to have a large 17 and a small 23...I am loving anything monochromatic lately! (Though I cannot see the colors very well on my computer, so, just in case they are just the same, I am suggesting a darker and lighter yellow combo.)

    Also, you have totally inspired me with your cubby! My dad works in the historical millwork field and I am always trying to think of things he can make for me (sounds selfish, but really I only have a few pieces of his) and have been coveting this piece from Pottery Barn forever:||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules-_-

    Anyway, seeing yours made me realize this would take my dad no time to make and I could probably ask him to do it while I am home this year at Christmas.

    So double thanks...for the idea and the giveaway!

  7. Please pardon my crazy amount of choices, but it was just so much fun to pick from so many different colors, thanks!!

    7 large/23 small
    10 large/12 small
    16 large/19 small
    19 large/6 small
    23 large/12 small
    29 large/8 small