November 29, 2012

Anyone Can Run // Setting Up for Success

So now you've decided what your goals are (start here if you missed the first post). Setting a goal is the easy part, now you have to execute.

Setting a Goal // Where I go wrong with setting goals, is making a goal with no wiggle room. Let's say I make a goal to run every weekday. Well Thursday comes along and something comes up, now I'm four days in and in my mind I've already failed. Where I really failed is not having a backup plan. Maybe I establish that if I miss a day of running that I make it up on a weekend. Whatever your goal is, have a backup plan for missing a day.

Rewards // I've seen so many great ideas for rewards, DO NOT REWARD yourself with food. Why? Because we are not dogs... and food should never be a reward for exercise. Rewarding yourself with guilty food only allows for bad food relationships to develop. (personal opinion, but I've personally felt the negative effects). I like to reward myself with feel good things. Like new running clothes or new shoes. I'm also a very visual person when it comes to goals. I make a calendar and cross off each day I accomplished my goal. I've seen some people put a dollar in a jar after every workout or a marble. Once you reach 'x' amount you reward yourself.

Running is about mindset. Once you remove all the negative thoughts and feelings towards running, you will get so much more out of it. For new runners, I recommend having a goal to walk 30 minutes 3x a week. Add more days as you progress, or add incline. Each week add a new variable that will challenge you, but also keep things interesting.

Holding Yourself Accountable // In reality, only you can hold yourself accountable. However, making things public sure adds some accountability. Maybe state your goal on Facebook, twitter or your blog. I know Elise Joy is doing a #mileaday instagram post. She takes a picture everyday on her run. This is a great way for people to cheer you on and hold yourself accountable. I plan to join Elise in aiming to run a mile a day, no excuses.

Homework// Post your goal here, on your refrigerator, on your blog, wherever. Establish some goal wiggle room. I'm allowing myself to miss one day a week, but only for real excuses. Create a fun playlist for the first week.


  1. Yay! I'm so excited about this! I follow Elise's blog too, but I think my mile a day will be starting on Dec. 1st.

    1. so glad you are playing along Lauren!

  2. 3 days a week of strength or circuit workouts and 3 days a week of running or cardio intervals